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Office Relocation: Here’s Your Ultimate Checklist

Should your business be in the process of an office relocation or considering it, you have come to the right place. An office relocation is not a simple process. It involves a lot of planning and organization. But, we have you covered with this ultimate office moving checklist for your office relocation.

Table of Contents

Six months before the office relocation

You will want to get well ahead of the game with an office relocation. It takes a lot of careful planning and organising. The earlier you get started, the smoother and less stressful the process will be. 

Six months will give you plenty of time to integrate the following steps:

Look over your office’s lease and its terms

Your business will have signed the terms and conditions of leasing when moving in. Therefore, you will want to assess the lease to ensure that you can attain your deposit back, pay any last fees, or find out any small details that could interfere with your move.

Set yourself a budget

Moving office to a new location will cost you money. You will need to pay for help, packing materials, and maybe even pre-pay for utility or rent bills. Therefore, make sure you have a budget set aside for the big day.

Get quotes from removal companies

Using professional office movers you will know that your belongings will be in good hands. They have plenty of experience preparing, packing, moving, and unpacking your office and its goods so you know that they will have the best hands to move your office to a new location.

Before the relocation date, you will want to seek the best prices possible to get the best deal. It is good to call around to assess various quotes and find one that suits your budget.

Do you need insurance?

As a business, it is sensible to attain insurance for your relocation. Should your goods get damaged or lost in the process of the relocation, you won’t be able to attain compensation. Whereas if you have insurance, you will have the appropriate coverage for your goods.

Get together a team

Although you will likely hire a removal team (it is advised as it will prove very difficult to do it alone) you will also want to assemble more of a team. Likewise, having someone in charge of IT will ensure that your new office will run smoothly when you move in. They can handle the WiFi, electrics, and all other advanced components of the business. Having someone that is in control of the finances and another team member in charge of sourcing quotes can help take the pressure off of you.

Three months before the office relocation

Three months before the office relocation, you will want to tighten your plans and ensure that you have the following in place:

Set a moving date

As a business that is moving office, you will want peace of mind and have a set date scheduled for the move. This will ensure that you have something to work towards. It will also mean you can pre-book your removal help and organise your bills.

Inform your landlord, suppliers, and providers

No matter if your landlord requires just 30 days notice before moving out, doing so three months beforehand will help them find someone in time. It is a nice thing to do. Likewise, informing your suppliers and providers of your relocation can either:

  • Help them find other businesses so that they do not lose profit
  • Move over your account so that you can maintain business with them

Communicate with your team

Three months might seem early to communicate with your team. Yet, if you are doing so with the landlord, suppliers, and providers, then you may as well keep up the conversation with the team that is helping with the move.

Ensure to assign responsibilities to your team members so that they have enough time to plan. Likewise, ensure to finalise your moving plan. Notifying yourself and your employees of the plan will make sure everyone knows exactly what will happen during the final weeks of being in the current office, as well as on the day of the move.

Review and order equipment/furniture

Equipment and furniture are not cheap or easy to source. You will want your new office to be as perfect as possible. Therefore, getting started with the ordering ahead of time will ensure that you make the right decision and get it delivered in good time.

Three months before the office relocation

Two months before the office relocation, it is time to start designing and arranging the new office space:

Create a floor plan

Whether or not your furniture and equipment have arrived, you will need to create a floor plan so that you know where everything will go.

You should consider everything from desk positioning to where power supply outlets are.

Arrange the installation with the new IT providers

You will need IT and security for when you move into the new office. Therefore, two months is a good length of time to arrange the installation of IT and security measures. Everything from phone and internet installation to CCTV cameras should be arranged before the move-in date.

Prepare everything for your employees

You will require your employees to have access cards to the building and the car parks, which should be arranged before the move. Two months beforehand is a good time to prepare these.

Likewise, give them a heads up on the floor plan so that they can help you organise the space in the most effective way possible.

Get insurance

Although you should have considered business insurance almost four months ago, now is a good time to arrange it and install it. You will need business insurance to secure your business.

One month before the office relocation

It is now around 30 days before the office relocation and here’s what you need to do:

Update your company address

Should people send you physical data and letters, let them know of your change of address. Likewise, make sure to change your business listing so that it displays your new address so that new mail can be forwarded there.

Purchase removal packaging

Now is a good time to start packing up your office, which you will require moving materials for. Make sure to get plenty of boxes, labels, and packing tape for the main bulk of your goods and your employee’s belongings.

Transfer bills

Now that is it one month before your office relocation, you will need to transfer your bills (energy, rent, etc) so that it is ready to go when you move into the new office. Likewise, this is important so that you don’t overpay for your current office.

One week before the office relocation

With seven days to go until the office relocation, here are some final steps:

Confirm the installation and setup of IT and technology

To ensure that your business can get up and running on the day of moving, you will want to confirm the installation and setup of your IT, internet, phone, and more.

Finalise plans with the moving teams

Finalising the plans with your employees responsible for helping with the move and the professional removal team will ensure that everyone is prepared for the relocation day.

Survey the new office

Last-minute checks of the new office will ensure that everything is accurate, ready, and prepared for when you arrive with the bulk of your stuff and your employees.

Backup your computers

You will want to secure your business data on your computers and to do so, perform backups. This will ensure that nothing important is lost during the shutdown and reboot of your computers.

The day before the office relocation

Less than 24 hours to go until the office relocation and here’s what to get done:

Deep clean

A deep clean of your office space will be required by your landlord. It will also ensure that you have everything and anything leftover can be donated or stored away.

Allow the removal team to do their thing

Using a professional removal team is great because they can get on with moving your office while you can focus on getting yourself there and helping your employees find their way around.


Before unpacking the bulk of the office, it can help to get the computer systems up and running. Doing so will ensure that the business can maintain productivity while you are settling in.

Unpack and organise

Now, it is time to unpack and organise your things. Allow your employees time to unpack and organise their desks so that the business can run smoothly thereafter.

After the office relocation

The day after the office relocation makes sure to test all computer equipment and IT systems to ensure there will be no disruptions. Likewise, make sure all employees have everything that they need and feel comfortable so that they can continue with business as useful.

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