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Complete removal services with Gold Line Removals

Are you looking for a full removal service for your home or business? At Gold Line Removals, we offer packing, storage, furniture assembly and reassembly, and removal service at affordable prices. Our furniture removalists and packers not only specialise in all aspects of moving but also in customer support for all your moving needs. We offer the service you want as you want it.

Factors affecting moving quotes

At Gold Line Removals, we consider several factors when determining the cost of your move. These factors include:

The distance between your current and new locations plays a significant role in the cost of your move. Longer distances require more fuel and time, resulting in higher moving quotes.

The total volume and weight of your belongings affect the size of the moving vehicle needed and the number of staff required. Larger moves will have additional costs due to increased labour and vehicle requirements.

If you opt for our professional packing and unpacking services, we typically recommend that packing is undertaken a day before the move, and unpacking is completed a day after. However, depending on the complexity and size of your move, special arrangements can be made to complete these tasks on the moving day itself. Please note that the extra labour and materials required for these services will be factored into the overall cost of your move.

Some items, such as pianos, pool tables, or fragile antiques, require specialised handling and equipment, which may lead to additional charges. Please notify our office when requesting your quote.

Limited accessibility, such as challenging staircases or a busy apartment lift, can require additional time and resources. Similarly, the distance between the moving truck and your property can also impact the time it takes to complete the move – the further the distance, the longer the duration. For this reason, we always recommend arranging convenient parking for the moving truck if possible. Please be aware that these factors may increase the overall cost of your move.

If you require storage for your belongings before, during, or after your move, we offer secure and affordable storage solutions. The cost of storage services will be included in your moving quote

At Gold Line Removals, our primary goal is to provide a stress-free moving experience for our clients, with clear and transparent pricing. By understanding the factors that affect your moving quote and the services included, you can make informed decisions and better plan for your move. Contact us today to receive a customised moving quote tailored to your unique moving requirements, and let our removalists help you make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Additional moving services

We offer various additional services to make your move as stress-free as possible. These services, if chosen, will be included in your moving quote:

  1. Packing and unpacking services: Our professional removalists team can pack and unpack your belongings, ensuring they are securely and efficiently packed for transport.

  2. Furniture disassembly and assembly: We can disassemble and reassemble your furniture, saving you time and effort during your move.

  3. Specialised equipment: If your move requires specialised equipment, such as a piano trolley or protective crates for fragile items, we can provide these at an additional cost.

  4. Insurance: While our team takes every precaution to protect your belongings, we recommend considering insurance coverage for added peace of mind. We can provide a quote for additional insurance coverage as part of your moving quote in Sydney.

Tips for reducing moving costs in Sydney

At Gold Line Removals, we understand that moving can be a costly endeavour, and we strive to provide affordable and competitive pricing. Here are some tips to help reduce the overall cost of your move:

  • Declutter before you move: By decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary items before your move, you can reduce the volume and weight of your belongings, resulting in a lower moving quote.

  • Pack your belongings: Although our packing and unpacking services are designed to save you time and effort, packing your belongings yourself can help reduce the overall cost of your move.

  • Be flexible with your moving date: If possible, consider moving during off-peak times, such as weekdays or outside of peak moving season. This may result in a lower moving quote.

  • Reserve parking and ensure easy access: By ensuring there is adequate parking and easy access to your property, you can minimise any additional charges related to access and parking difficulties.

Our pricing system

We pride ourselves on providing a transparent and straightforward pricing structure, ensuring that you can confidently plan your move without worrying about hidden costs. Below is an overview of our easy-to-understand pricing options:

  1. Hourly Rate: If an hourly rate suits your needs, we’ll provide a quote based on the estimated time required to complete your move. Our hourly rates cover a fully equipped moving vehicle, a team of professional movers, and all essential equipment.
  2. Customised Moving Quote: For moves with unique requirements, such as multiple pick-up or drop-off points, we’ll craft a tailored quote to accommodate your specific needs.

Cost of your move: From $160 per hour plus 10% GST with a min 3 hours, and an extra charge from 0.5-hour callout fee on the top of the total amount of hours will depend on the location

Your moving quote will include:

  • 2 professional removalists
  • Enclosed truck btw 20 to 30 cubic 4.5-tonne enclosed truck, equipped with trolleys, dollies, protective blankets, and straps
  • A toolbox to dismantle items like bed frames and desk
  • Transit insurance, public liability, and workers compensation insurances as standard T&C apply

Rest assured, there are no hidden fees! The moving time is calculated from the moment our team begins working at the pick-up location, ensuring a fair and accurate price for your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Quotes and Pricing FAQs

To receive a free, no-obligation moving quote, simply fill out our online quotation form. You can also call us at 1300 693 509 to discuss your moving needs and receive a personalised quote from one of our moving experts.

Gold Line Removals offers a wide range of services including local and interstate removals, packing and unpacking, office relocation, storage solutions, and furniture assembly and disassembly. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving experience for our customers.

Yes, Gold Line Removals provides moving services across Sydney and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re moving within the city or planning a long distance move, our team of removalists is ready to help.

The cost of your move is determined by factors such as the size and weight of your items, the distance between the pickup and delivery locations, and any additional services you require (such as packing and unpacking). Our removalists team will assess your specific needs and provide you with a customised moving quote that reflects the scope of your move.

Gold Line Removals is committed to providing transparent pricing. All fees and charges will be clearly outlined in your moving quote. If you have any questions about the pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, we offer professional packing and unpacking services to help make your home or office move as stress-free as possible. Our skilled team members will carefully pack your belongings using high-quality packing materials to ensure their safe transport.

Yes, our team is experienced in disassembling and reassembling furniture. If you require this service, please let us know when you request a quote so we can include it in your moving plan.

Gold Line Removals offers transit insurance, which covers your belongings during the moving process. Additionally, we can help you arrange comprehensive insurance coverage for your items through a third-party insurance provider. Please note that insurance is not included in the standard moving quote and will need to be arranged separately.

We recommend booking your move at least 2-4 weeks in advance to ensure availability on your preferred moving date. However, we understand that sometimes last-minute moves are unavoidable, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

To prepare for your move, we recommend decluttering and organising your belongings, making a detailed inventory of your items, and ensuring that all important documents are safely stored. If you require packing services, please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.

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Gold Line Removals
Based on 165 reviews
Justin C.
Justin C.
08:45 07 Feb 23
I’d move with these guys again
Evan K.
Evan K.
11:33 03 Feb 23
Have used Gold Line twice within the last couple of months, one of which was a very last-minute booking.Gui and the boys (Alex, Enzo, Rick, Robson, and Rodrigo) were all absolutely fantastic to deal with and very accomodating.I know that removalists generally have a poor reputation, but these guys handled everything with care and the wooden floor of the truck bed made sure that my items weren’t damaged.Highly recommended, and will use again!
John M.
John M.
03:23 24 Jan 23
I have used Gold Line twice in the past 12 months for moves in Sydney. They have been excellent to deal with. The move was for a 3 bedroom house in the lower North Shore.On each move the Gold Line staff were punctual, friend and professional. They were careful with my possessions and got the moves done quickly and efficiently. I recommend without hesitation.
Tropical B.
Tropical B.
04:22 18 Jan 23
The service was absolutely incredible.The guys are so friendly and professional, very oriented to detail, caring the furniture carefully, also they offer a very good price.We highly recommended Gold Line Removals!!
Nick D.
Nick D.
07:28 05 Jan 23
Great service and very way to deal with.
Miriam A.
Miriam A.
08:11 29 Nov 22
I was pleased with the two gentlemen, Lucas & Wagner, who assisted with my move.They were civil & careful with my furniture & possessions. Thankfully nothing has been found damaged so far.I have only glowing things to say about them, & will definitely consider "Gold Line" for my next move, & recommend to friends & family.
Ed S.
Ed S.
03:17 22 Nov 22
Great service and great price, thanks guys appreciated!
Jo J.
Jo J.
22:54 10 Nov 22
I cannot speak highly enough about the service provided.The two gentlemen moving my belongings were so careful with my things. It was a much bigger job than I anticipated and access was not as straightforward as I thought it would be.There were added complications, with settlement being delayed by an hour and the agent not meeting me at the destination to handover keys, as planned. Nevertheless, the gentlemen moving my things, stayed calm, professional and continued smiling.I highly recommend Gold Line Removals for any move.Thank you!
05:28 24 Oct 22
Had to make a last minute booking, I was very unprepared but this company just made everything so seamless and easy and nothing was too difficult for them. The process was so quick and I had so many things, on top of that all my fragile glassware and all my plants were so well taken care of. From start to finish it was A+, I hope the bosses pay these boys well because they deserve it. Will definitely use this company again.
Akshara R
Akshara R
22:49 23 Oct 22
We had a great experience with Gold Line Removals - the staff were very friendly and professional. Would definitely use them again!
Louis M.
Louis M.
04:35 12 Oct 22
By far the most hassle free move I have ever had. These guys are fast, professional, and even helped me out with giving me a lift! I’ll be coming back to them if I ever need to move again and will recommend them to anyone who will listen!
Sabah K.
Sabah K.
02:17 12 Oct 22
I would recommend this company for any one needs the task of shifting done smoothly.The Removalists , Lucas and Andre were very professional and didn’t waste any time. Definitely will use their service again for my next big moving.