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How to prepare a fridge for a move?

Whether it is your first move or last, you may always struggle with the pesky and bulky refrigerator. It’s not an easy thing to move, but you also have to make sure that it’s transported the right way. Do it wrong and there could be disastrous results. And as moving with a refrigerator is not so straightforward, you need to know everything to make sure you’re doing it safely.

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How Do You Transport a Fridge?

It’s not just about the physical transportation. There are three different stages. Firstly, you need to prepare the fridge by emptying it and performing a deep clean. The second stage is transportation, where you need to load the fridge carefully and secure it so nobody is injured. And the third stage is reinstallation, where you need to ensure the fridge is safe to plug back in. You need to let the fridge settle for at least 24 hours after transportation to guarantee a safe reinstallation.

Preparing the Fridge

Before you transport the fridge, you need to give yourself at least 24 hours to make sure you do the following:

Empty the fridge

The process of moving might take longer than a day. Therefore, your fridge might not be up and running for quite a while. In order to make sure no food has gone to waste, you need to completely empty your fridge including everything from the freezer compartments and salad drawers.

Perform a deep clean

As soon as the fridge is empty, you need to take the time to deep clean your fridge. Because temperatures rise in the fridge, bacteria and mould can easily spread if not wiped down properly. Make sure you remove every compartment but also wipe down every surface, inside and out. By cleaning your fridge at this point it will remain odour free and you can use it right away in your new home.

Switch off the fridge for 24 hours

Once the refrigerator is clean you can switch off your fridge. This gives the freezer and the evaporator coils time to defrost and the oils in the compressor time to settle. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, disconnect the tubing that runs to the waterline and lay down some towels to catch any leaking water.

Preparing the fridge for transport

When the fridge is defrosted, it is ready to transport. Before you begin, make sure that the fridge is secure. If there are any loose items in the fridge, make sure that they are removed or secured to prevent scratches or dents. Compartments, ice trays, and grills that could move during transportation need to be taped down or removed. You also need to fasten the fridge and freezer doors to stop any sudden movements. You can use bungee cords or moving straps, and once this is completed, you can put a protective blanket to cover the exterior of the fridge as an extra layer of protection in case of exterior damage.

Transporting the Fridge

Transporting the fridge is the trickiest part. When you are moving, you have to consider just how heavy a refrigerator can be. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following:

Preventing injuries

While it depends on the type of property you are moving out of, you can load your fridge into your vehicle either by lifting or by dolly. While these are usually done by the removalists it’s important to make sure that your fridge is upright at this point to minimise any damage.

Securing the fridge

It’s important to ensure your fridge is secure during the physical transportation process. The best way to do this is to put it against the corner of the interior of the truck. By stopping it from moving in two directions you are minimising the potential for any damage should there be issues in transit. If you can, secure the fridge against any railings inside the vehicle and create a tight buffer around your fridge by putting other furniture up against it.

Transporting the fridge

Driving any removal vehicle is quite stressful for those who have never done it before. When transporting sensitive items like the refrigerator it’s important to drive as carefully as you can. While this might seem like common sense, you’ve got to exercise more care and caution than you would in a car. Pay particular attention to any obstacles in the road, such as speed bumps, but also look at accelerating and braking smoothly. Any sudden stoppages will cause everything, including the refrigerator, to suddenly jolt forward. Where possible, try to avoid turning sharply and stay away from roundabouts.

Reinstalling the Fridge

Now the journey is done, the final piece of the puzzle is reinstalling the fridge:

Placing the fridge in its new location

Follow the previous transportation steps in reverse to bring the fridge back into the property. Once you have put the fridge in its new location, leave a small gap between the back of the fridge and the wall. This allows for cool air to pass as this is needed to replace the warm air being expelled from the refrigerator. If there is no room or if the fridge is on an uneven surface it could cause unnecessary compressor noise.

Let the fridge settle

If the refrigerator was outside during transportation you should stand it upright for the same amount of time as it was lying down. Ideally, you should let your fridge stand for 24 hours which allows all the fluids to settle.

Preparing a refrigerator for a move may seem straightforward but there are so many different components to consider. When dealing with Sydney removalists, ensure that moving with a fridge is one of the least stressful parts of moving house.

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