How to pack fragile objects for a move out?

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In a moving out, crystals, vases, porcelains and all objects that can be broken easily should be targets of special attention. See our tips on how to make a mistake in the packaging. When organizing a change, a good strategy is to classify the objects that are to be packed, dividing them into two groups: fragile and resistant.

This is how you will get everything neatly organized, making the packaging process a more comfortable and easy task. See valuable tips to protect delicate objects and get them to the final destination intact.

The organization and separation in boxes by types of objects facilitates the arrival of the family to the new house. Everything can be unpacked more quickly, making it easier to put everything in its place. That yes: crystals, jars, vases, china, porcelain and all objects that can be broken easily should be targets of special attention.

If you are going to hire the packaging service from a specialist company, be sure to indicate which objects are to be transported as “sensitive”. But if you take the lead and choose to pack most of the objects, here are six tips to avoid mistakes in material choice and accommodation for transportation.

Fragile items

Depending on the objects you have in your home, special materials will be needed. But to begin with any packaging process, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and newspaper (or kraft paper) are indispensable.

Packing a box with space

The secret to avoiding clashes between objects is not to put too many items in the same box. Always interchange the objects with crumpled sheets of paper, to fill in the remaining spaces and absorb the impacts during loading and transportation.

Packing with bubble wrap

Bubble wrap should be used with conscience, since only one cover is not enough to protect delicate items such as bowls, candlesticks, porcelain, etc. For a more professional result, you can buy corrugated cardboard and use it to pack such objects after a first layer of kraft paper.

Consider wood box for some items

Special boxes for some items

To ensure that there is no clash between the objects, another option is crate (usually wooden) boxes. Foam lined, keeps each object isolated from any kind of shock during the change. In that case, rather than buying them, is renting them.

Although not appearing, televisions, computers, video and sound equipment should also be treated as sensitive objects. The simplest packaging consists of wrapping them in plastic bubble and then in padded blanket.

However, there are custom-sized boxes that can receive these objects with a styrofoam holder to prevent them from moving. That yes, never forget to pack them with bubble wrap before placing them in the custom boxes.

Always close your boxes with tape

Never forget to lock each box well with adhesive tape and indicate the contents on the outside with atomic brush. Sensitive objects should be the last to enter the shift truck and the first to be unloaded at the final destination.

Having an inventory of your belongings will help the company’s transportation work and even prevent them from committing some recklessness.