How to choose trusted furniture removalists in Sydney

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Not all furniture removalists are the same. As with anything, there are good companies and bad companies — and which you choose will have a big impact on your overall experience. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that the process runs smoothly from beginning to end. The most important thing is to take a proactive approach. That is, don’t just pick any removalist in Sydney. Think about who you’re hiring. In this blog, we’ll take a look at a few useful actions that’ll push you towards finding the right removalist company for your needs. Hiring movers should not give you a headache!

The Right Price Point

One thing you should look for when it comes to hiring a removalist company is how much their services will cost. This doesn’t necessarily mean opting for the cheapest movers in Sydney. Indeed, taking the cheapest option is unlikely to serve you any better than opting for the most expensive option. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. If there’s a company that’s offering their services at a bargain cost, then you can’t be too surprised if they don’t turn out to be as experienced or professional as you’d expect.

Covered by Insurance

The company you hire may be exceptionally experienced, but let’s not forget that it’s always possible to make a mistake. Even the most talented guitarist in the world plays the wrong note from time to time! A good moving company will be sufficiently covered by insurance. This means that should something go wrong during the moving process, then you’ll have peace of mind that it’s covered. A good company will not take any risks with their customer’s belongings.

Experienced professionals

There can be a lot of cowboys in the moving world. These are the people who think that just because they have a van, they have what it takes to start a moving company. But of course, this isn’t the case. There’s a right and wrong way to move belongings. When it comes to choosing a furniture removalist company, try to get a feel for their overall professionalism and experience. When you call them up or ask for a quote, what is your experience? If they’re answering the phone with an unprofessional tone, or you just otherwise have doubts about their legitimacy, then it’ll be better to continue your search.

How flexible are they?

Schedules tend to go out the window when you’re moving home or have to vacate an office. While most of the time you may operate on a Monday – Friday, 9 – 5 kind of schedule, that’s unlikely to be the case when you have a big project going on. At that point, you might find that you’re working on Sundays, or early on Thursday, or whenever. When you’re looking for a company to work with, be sure to ask about their flexibility. You’ll find it much easier to make the move if you know that they can be there when you need them. Some companies more or less tell their customers what time they’ll be there, but in reality, it should be the other way around.

Quick response

You’ll be pretty busy when you’re planning a move or have to remove furniture from an office. There’s just so much stuff that you’ll need to do. Your life will be much easier if you’re able to talk to the people you need without waiting for too long. A good company will get back to you promptly with a comprehensive quote, which will allow you to decide whether you hire them or not. There’s nothing worse than asking for a quote and then receiving one many days later. More broadly, a good company will make it easy to get in touch with them. Do they have a page where you can fill out your details and get a quote? Do they provide a phone number? It’s these things that set the good companies above the rest.

No nasty surprises

You might think that you’ve had a smooth and pleasant experience with a removalist company, but then you get hit by a nasty surprise — an additional charge that you were not expecting. In order to ensure that you don’t end up more frustrated than happy, then make sure you know what’s included in the price. An unprofessional company will throw in additional costs at the end of the moving process. A professional company will outline the total cost beforehand so that you can make an informed decision.

Furniture assembly and disassembly

As we mentioned earlier: furniture removal is more complicated than just having a van. It takes experience and care to do the job correctly. When you’re looking for a company to handle your furniture, you’ll want to check whether they’re adept at furniture assembly and disassembly — and whether they’ll do it for you. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a new home, and finding that you can’t enjoy it because you have to assemble all of your furniture.

What extras do they offer?

You may just want your removalists to transport your goods from one place to the next, but it’s possible that you’ll want a little bit more from them. When you’re trying to choose a company, take a look at what extras they offer their customers. Do they offer pre-packing, for instance?

Secure storage

A good company will treat your belongings as if they were their own. If you have to wait a few days before you can move your furniture into a new spot, you’ll need the company to store them for you — and in a secure spot.

Final Thoughts

It really is important to think about the moving company that you’re working with. No matter whether you’re moving furniture from your office or home, choosing the right company will help to limit the amount of stress that you experience. They do say that moving can be one of life’s most stressful events! By working with professionals, you’ll ensure that the process is as smooth as possible.

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