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Moving Into Inner West Sydney House Prices

House Prices and Moving Into Inner West Suburbs

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The Inner West region in Sydney, Australia, is home to several popular suburbs that people often move to. These suburbs offer a mix of convenience, amenities, and a vibrant community atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a trendy neighborhood, family-friendly environment, or convenient transport links, the Inner West has something to offer. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular Inner West suburbs that people move to. They are also the suburbs where we often help our clients move houses. So let’s dive in and discover the top choices for your next move in the Inner West.

Popularity of Inner West

The popularity of the Inner West can be attributed to its vibrant culture, diverse community, and convenient location. With its wide range of trendy cafes, restaurants, and bars, as well as its proximity to the city center and major attractions, the Inner West has become a highly desirable area for residents and visitors alike. Its unique blend of historic architecture, leafy streets, and artistic atmosphere adds to its appeal.

House Prices Going Up in Inner West

The increase in house prices in the Inner West can be attributed to several factors such as high demand, limited housing supply, desirable location, and potential for capital growth. It is important to note that house prices can fluctuate over time and are influenced by various market conditions.

However, in recent years, the Inner West has experienced a steady upward trend in property prices. This can be attributed to the area’s strong infrastructure, excellent transport links, and proximity to employment opportunities. Additionally, the Inner West’s reputation as a cultural hub and its abundance of amenities have also contributed to the rise in house prices. As a result, potential homebuyers should be prepared for a competitive market and consider seeking professional advice when navigating the Inner West’s real estate landscape.

Affordability Considered by Home Owners and Tenants

When choosing inner west suburbs to move in, both home owners and tenants consider affordability as an important factor. They look for suburbs that offer reasonable property prices or rental rates compared to other areas in the inner west. This allows them to find housing options that fit within their budget and ensure financial stability.

Moreover, with the increasing popularity of the Inner West, it is crucial for prospective residents to carefully evaluate the cost of living in different suburbs. This includes considering factors such as utility expenses, transportation costs, and the availability of affordable amenities like grocery stores and schools. By doing so, individuals can make informed decisions about which suburbs align with their financial goals and lifestyle preferences. It is also advisable to explore upcoming developments or infrastructure projects in the area, as these can impact future property values and overall affordability. Ultimately, conducting thorough research and working with a trusted real estate agent can help home buyers and tenants find the best balance between affordability and the desirable features the Inner West has to offer.

The 5 most popular suburbs in Inner West Sydney are:

  1. Newtown
  2. Balmain
  3. Annandale
  4. Leichhardt
  5. Glebe

People move into these suburbs because of their convenient location, vibrant community atmosphere, and access to a wide range of amenities. These areas offer a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, cafes, parks, and recreational facilities, making them highly desirable for residents of all ages. Additionally, the Inner West is well-connected to the city center and other parts of Sydney through reliable public transportation options, making it an attractive choice for commuters.

Why People Move Into These Suburbs

Most Popular Inner West Suburbs People Move to


Known for its vibrant culture and trendy atmosphere, Newtown attracts many people with its eclectic shops, lively nightlife, and proximity to the city.

The median house prices in Newtown is on the rise, currently sitting at $1,755,000, which is only $10k shy of its peak 2 years ago. Houses here are still much more affordable than in Annandale or Balmain which makes it a popular suburbs for people to move and live in.

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With its charming waterfront views, historic architecture, and bustling dining scene, Balmain is a sought-after suburb for those seeking a blend of heritage and modern amenities.

The median house price in Balmain has been $2,400,000 as of October 2023, going significantly up from $1,750,000 in July 2019.

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Annandale is a popular suburb to move in due to its attractive features, convenient location, and strong sense of community. Its proximity to the city, affordable amenities, and well-established infrastructure make it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a vibrant and convenient lifestyle in the Inner West of Sydney.

Median house prices in Annandale have peaking late 2021, early 2022 and have had a slight correction since. Nevertheless, the median house prices has gone up from $1,550,000 in November 2018 to $2,050,000 in October 2023.


Leichhardt, known as the heart of Sydney’s Italian community, offers a vibrant and culturally rich experience with its lively Norton Street and Marion Street. The suburb is home to numerous cafes, trattorias, and bakeries, making it a haven for food enthusiasts. Additionally, Leichhardt hosts the annual Italian Festa food festival in October, which draws in a large number of visitors. The Italian Forum, a unique open-air shopping mall, adds to the charm of the area with its designer fashion and Tuscan-inspired architecture.

Located in Leichhardt, Norton Street and Marion Street are the vibrant epicenter of Sydney’s Italian community. These bustling streets are famous for their lively atmosphere and are a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of Italian culture and cuisine. The numerous cafes, trattorias, and bakeries that line these streets offer an array of mouthwatering delights, from freshly brewed espresso to traditional Italian pastries and gelato. A highlight of the Leichhardt calendar is the annual Italian Festa food festival, held every October, where locals and tourists alike can indulge in a feast of Italian flavors. Adding to the allure of the neighborhood, the Italian Forum stands proudly as an open-air shopping mall, blending the charm of Tuscan architecture with an array of designer fashion boutiques.

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Popular for its proximity to the University of Sydney and its bohemian charm, Glebe offers a diverse range of cafes, bookstores, and markets, creating a vibrant and inclusive community.

Glebe’s real estate market in the Inner West of Sydney reflects its appeal as a desirable neighborhood. With a mix of Victorian-era houses, terrace homes, and modern apartments, Glebe offers a range of housing options to suit different preferences and budgets. The suburb’s popularity, combined with its rich cultural heritage and thriving local scene, contributes to its steady property values and makes it an attractive choice for those seeking an engaging urban lifestyle.

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