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How Our Cubic Meter Calculator Helps in Planning Your Next Move

For optimal efficiency during your move, selecting the appropriate size moving truck is crucial. Too small a truck means multiple trips for the movers, while an excessively large one leads to unnecessary expenses.

Our cubic meter calculator offers a convenient solution by accurately determining the volume of your possessions in cubic meters. With this tool, you can effortlessly calculate the subtotal m3 for each room and obtain the final volume measurement in cubic meters. This makes choosing the perfect truck size a simple task.

10 Different Rooms

Our cubic meter calculator conveniently categorises furniture into 10 rooms, simplifying the process of locating specific items

All Calculations in Your Email

We will email you the calculations so that you can easily come back to them anytime and use them when planning your move

Room m3 subtotals

We will show you the cubic meter subtotals for each room

M3 Worked Out in a Few Clicks

Just choose the amount of each type of furniture per each room and you’re done!

Total volume in cubic meters

At the end, we will show you the calculation of total cubic meters (m3) for all your belongings

Instant Moving Quote

Make sure you use the handy option to instantly calculate the estimated moving cost for your belongings. This option can be found on the last screen of the calculator

Choosing the Right Truck Size

With the volume of your belongings now in cubic meters, you can determine which moving truck size best suits your needs. Check out the pricing below to see how much we charge for each specific moving truck.

We aren't just local Sydney removalists. We are the helping hand in your journey.

We do everything we can to make your life easier. That’s why we developed and launched a set of free online tools to help you plan your next move. The cubic meter calculator is one of them, enabling you to easily work out cubic meters for your belongings. Calculating m3 was never easier. If you’re wondering how to measure cubic meters, just give it a try!

Calculate Cubic Meters to Anticipate Moving Cost

When preparing for a move with Gold Line Removals, it’s essential to understand our pricing structure. We strive to provide transparent pricing without any hidden fees, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared for your relocation. Calculating cubic meters is incredibly useful in determining the appropriate moving truck size, allowing you to select the truck with the hourly rate that best suits your needs.

Moving Cost Breakdown

  • Our services are billed in 15-minute increments after the minimum charge. This way, you only pay for the exact time our services are used.
  • The clock starts when we arrive at your first pickup location and stops once the payment is completed by the person in charge of the move.
  • Please note that public holidays and Sundays carry a surcharge of up to 30%. If your move must happen on these days, please factor this into your budget.
  • Card payments on the day of the move will incur a surcharge of up to 2.5%. Please consider this when deciding your payment method.
  • During your move, you have the option to hire a UTE for just $220. This can provide an additional transport option for your items.

Additional Services & Fees

  • Pianos require specialised care and thus carry an extra flat fee of $300. Please let our office know in advance if you’ll be moving a piano.
  • A balcony lift service is available for an extra fee of $250. Again, please inform our office ahead of time if you will need this service.
  • For any irreplaceable items of high value, we recommend arranging your own insurance to ensure maximum protection.

Our commitment at Gold Line Removals is to make your moving experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. With our transparent pricing and professional services, you can focus on the excitement of your new beginning!

Cubic Meters for Common Household Items

We’ve provided cubic meter measurements for many commonly moved household items. You can refer to the list to get a general idea—keep in mind that your items may vary slightly in size based on specifications. You can measure them yourself and calculate the cubic meters, or use these indicative values to determine the total cubic meters of the items you need to move!

WP DataTables

Store Your Belonging With Us

Sometimes, a move requires a little extra space. Whether you’re downsizing, staging your home for sale, or just need to clear some clutter, Gold Line Removals has you covered with our secure storage solutions. We offer modular wooden pod boxes for safe, efficient storage.

Our Facilities

We currently operate storage facilities in the following locations: Rosebery, Thornleigh, and Condell Park. This gives you a choice to store your items in a location that is most convenient for you.

Storage Module Details

Our storage modules are 10 cubic metres in size, approximately a quarter of a single garage. They are perfect for storing a variety of items, from furniture and appliances to boxes and personal items.

Pricing Structure

Our storage pricing is simple and straightforward, with no lock-in contracts. You’ll be charged on a month-by-month basis, giving you the flexibility to use our storage for as long as you need. Here’s our pricing:

  • 10 cubic metres: $199 per month.
  • 20 cubic metres: $359 per month.
  • 30 cubic metres: $499 per month.
  • Additional 10 cubic metre modules after the initial 30 cubic metres: $100 per month.

To ensure your items are well-protected while in storage, we offer the free supply of thick packing blankets that can be used to wrap your items within the storage modules.

At Gold Line Removals, we’re more than a moving company – we’re your complete moving solution. From packing to moving to storage, we’re here to make your move as seamless as possible. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your next move.

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We take pride in our customer-oriented approach and commitment to full transparency throughout the entire moving process. With us, there's no need to wonder about the cost of your next local move. Simply reach out to us and get in touch with one of our Sydney removalists for all the clarity you need!

Professional Sydney removalists

Enjoying our cubic meter calculator tool? We’re delighted to have been of assistance. How about entrusting us with your next move as well?

We recognise that your belongings hold sentimental value—they’re more than just items; they’re cherished memories. That’s why we handle your possessions with the utmost care, and we’re committed to transparency in our pricing. With us, there are no surprises when it comes to your removalist costs.

If you require a quote, please contact us, or click on the button below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, promising to provide the best furniture moving services in the business at the most affordable moving cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Working Our Cubic Meters

“Cubic meter” is a unit used to measure volume. In Australia, the correct spelling is “cubic metre,” but both versions are used interchangeably in this article to assist you in finding information. One cubic metre (1 m³) represents a cube with all sides measuring 1 meter in length. Regarding moving boxes, as illustrated, it typically takes about 8 mid to large-sized moving boxes to fill a cubic metre. Additionally, these boxes do not necessarily need to be in the shape of a cube; even if laid side by side in a single row, they will still occupy one cubic metre. So, how do you calculate the cubic metres of your furniture? Click the button or continue reading below.

To determine the cubic metres of your item, follow these steps:

  1. Measure all three dimensions: Length (L), width (W), and height (H).
  2. Use a calculator to multiply all three values to calculate the cubic metres: Item volume (m³) = L x W x H.
  3. Ensure you use the correct units for the initial measurement—always use the value in metres to obtain the volume in cubic metres. For instance, if the depth of your fridge is 64 cm, use 0.64 meters (m) as the value for the calculation.
There’s often confusion about whether to use centimeters, meters, or other units when measuring objects for cubic meter calculations. In Australia, it’s ideal to use values in meters so that the total comes up as cubic meters. Therefore, if an item is e.g. 120cm long, use 1.2 (m) in the calculation.

Many individuals wonder if there are alternative methods or rules of thumb to estimate cubic meters when exact measurements aren’t available. This is definitely possible – just estimate the width, length and height of the item (e.g. is it as long as an A4 paper – that is 0.3m or as your long step – that is 1m etc.)

People often seek reference points or averages for the cubic meter measurements of common household items to gauge the volume of their belongings accurately. We’ve provided a list of the volume of some of the household items on this page and you can also use our online cubic meter calculator to work out the volume of your specific items.

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I have used Gold Line twice in the past 12 months for moves in Sydney. They have been excellent to deal with. The move was for a 3 bedroom house in the lower North Shore.On each move the Gold Line staff were punctual, friend and professional. They were careful with my possessions and got the moves done quickly and efficiently. I recommend without hesitation.
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I cannot speak highly enough about the service provided.The two gentlemen moving my belongings were so careful with my things. It was a much bigger job than I anticipated and access was not as straightforward as I thought it would be.There were added complications, with settlement being delayed by an hour and the agent not meeting me at the destination to handover keys, as planned. Nevertheless, the gentlemen moving my things, stayed calm, professional and continued smiling.I highly recommend Gold Line Removals for any move.Thank you!
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Had to make a last minute booking, I was very unprepared but this company just made everything so seamless and easy and nothing was too difficult for them. The process was so quick and I had so many things, on top of that all my fragile glassware and all my plants were so well taken care of. From start to finish it was A+, I hope the bosses pay these boys well because they deserve it. Will definitely use this company again.
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We had a great experience with Gold Line Removals - the staff were very friendly and professional. Would definitely use them again!
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By far the most hassle free move I have ever had. These guys are fast, professional, and even helped me out with giving me a lift! I’ll be coming back to them if I ever need to move again and will recommend them to anyone who will listen!
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