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10 Tips for faster & less stressful house packing

Packing can be tedious, especially if it’s your first time, but not to worry, you’re not alone in it. A lot of people move at least once in their life for many different reasons, including lifestyle, work, and education.

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Here are some interesting facts about relocation to think about:

  • A cardboard moving box can be used anything between three to 10 times before its not structurally sound
  • It is usually cheaper to move in the Winter since fewer people move during that time
  • Employment is the number one reason why people move because they want it to be easier to commute
  • Sunday is the least popular day to move, and Friday is the most popular

No matter your reason for moving, packing should not be too much of a hassle, and that’s possible with the right help. Removal companies are ready to assist with professional teams and the right equipment to cater to your needs. Take time to read some online reviews to ensure you choose the right company to help you pack and move. To make house packing easier, here are ten tips to try.

Get the packing essentials

There are a few things that you’ll need to get all your stuff organized for your move. These include the boxes to hold the items, packing tape for the boxes, coloured paper for labels, a sharpie or marker for labelling and some scissors. These materials just help you to secure your items and prevent any damage during the handling process. Try getting more stuff than you need so that you’re sure to get everything all at once. 

Colour code for easier identification

If you have a lot of things, then aside from just writing, consider adding colours so that you know where everything is. Use your coloured paper to label different categories of your stuff so that when it’s time to unpack, you already know where everything is going.

Make a checklist

This tip is very important because it is easy to lose things while packing. A checklist allows you to keep track of what you’re taking or not so that you don’t forget the necessary items. So, before you pack, go through everything you have and make notes of what you’re moving and what you aren’t. By the time packing is due, you’ll find it more efficient with the list than without, and you’ll also prevent double handling.

Make furniture lighter

Moving furniture has got to be one of the more tedious parts of the whole process. The weight alone is enough to discourage and overwhelm you. Not to worry, there is a way to make them lighter. If the piece of furniture you’re moving has drawers, take them out to reduce the weight and make it easier to move. Aside from that, you’re less likely to damage them in the event they fall out during handling.

Declutter as you pack

Most of the time, it is when you’re packing that you realise all the stuff you don’t need. These unnecessary items might make your load even much heavier than it should be. So, while you’re organizing to move, do your best to take out all those items so that you don’t struggle with the process. Once your things have become fewer, don’t be tempted to pack your boxes to the brim since that will take more effort to transport them. You’re also more likely to ruin your packaging for moving materials, which will end up giving you more work to do.

Pack in steps

Apart from making a list, it will also help to pack in steps. This will mean starting a few days before moving day so that you have enough time to get everything in order. Organizing your stuff under pressure will more likely cause you to forget some things so scheduling your packing will go a long way. You can decide to pack for some hours out of the day according to the items on your list. By the time you’re ready to move, you’ll notice you’re not missing anything.

Start with the things you don’t use

If you’re going to start packing a few days prior, then you probably want to start with the things you’ll not need that much. That will help you avoid disorganising and organising again before the moving date. Also, it allows you to get some things out of the way so that you have much less to pack on the due date for moving.

Find clever ways to save space

When you’re packing, you’ll need a lot of space, and so you should try all you can to be smart about saving some. Find other containers that you can use to transport some other items so that you don’t have to use boxes for everything. For example, you can use extra space in suitcases, laundry bins, or hampers to carry books to any other stuff lying around. 

Pack to prevent spills, leaks or tangles

For things like shampoo and other liquid items, you’ll need to package them with plastic so that they don’t spill and ruin other things. It is just a precautionary measure just in case you don’t tighten the covers as much as you think. When you’re packing stuff like jewelry which are likely to tangle, you’ll have to get clever with it. Rolling them in or around straws towels is one way to make sure they’re still in good shape when it’s time to unpack. You can also use pillboxes and other small containers to pack smaller pieces like rings and earrings. 

Book with your removal company beforehand

The minute you know you’ll be moving is the best time to call your removal company and book the date. This way, you can avoid having to postpone the relocation to your inconvenience. It also allows your removal company to prepare adequately for you to make the whole process more bearable. If your time is short or your property is quite large, consider signing up for packing services from your removal company. This way the entire process becomes handsfree (and stress free) for you allowing you to get on with any other important task.

Whatever company you choose should have the right kind of moving equipment to help you transition into your new location. We are experts in moving and house packing and we are ready to help you through the process at an affordable rate.

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